Preparing a webinar and its translation

Webinars are becoming more and more popular these days. This isn’t surprising since people are looking for ways to organise their own time better, both when it comes to the private life and work. It is also a safe form of meeting, especially useful during periods of epidemics or other virus-related threats. How to prepare […]

Proofreading and translation. Everything you need to know about high-quality translation

Translation comes in different varieties. It can be direct, it can involve localization or it can be contextual, simultaneous, consecutive, certified (sworn)… The list is endless. Regardless of the type of translation, you should consider additional text review (proofreading), which aims at guaranteeing the highest level of language correctness. Proofreading and translation – why does […]

Machine translation – definition along with the types, advantages and disadvantages of it

Machine translation, automated translation defines translation from one language to another without human participation. In times of the fast pace of development of information technologies, it falls under the category of ‘computer linguistics’, which is getting more and more efficient every year. Does such a dynamic development of this area mean that machines will soon […]