5 Steps for Entering the Global Market on Amazon

One of the best things you can do for your business is to learn how to utilize Amazon. As Amazon is the largest online shop in the world with customers in more than 180 countries, you have a lot to gain from understanding how it works and what strategies will result in optimal sales. While Amazon’s presence on 12 markets offers you and your business great opportunities, you will also face many difficulties if you don’t plan your approach.

Using Amazon to sell products in your native language is a great start. As stated above, you will be entering onto the world’s biggest e-commerce stage and with that, you will automatically extend your reach. We recommend you don’t stop there. Think big. Think global. There are customers across the world that are interested in what you are selling, but reaching them involves more than just translating your auctions. You need strategy.  

1. Curate your items

Through the items you choose and the descriptions you write about those items, you are creating an image of your business for the foreign market. Take the time to write quality descriptions of your products and services. Select items from your offer that you feel proud to showcase and that represent your business well. Remember to be forthcoming and clear in all text. Finally, let professional translators such as lingy handle translating your texts into the desired languages.

2. Understand the market

It’s a good idea to research Amazon’s various markets as they are unique and you will need to choose one on which to focus. A knowledge of that market’s character will help you decide how to tailor your offer to your targeted customers. Think of these questions while creating your offer:

What does my competition look like locally?

Which qualities of my product are distinct to location (voltage, packaging sizes, etc.)?

Do my products adhere to local laws and tax regulations?

3.  Select products with the target countries in mind

Selecting a product based on high conversion index or popularity may work well if your business remains local, but if you wish to target customers in countries abroad, this approach alone won’t be enough. The success of locally popular items, might not translate well in foreign markets due to many factors like climate, culture, or demographics. In this case, it will be wise to create a test offer using a more narrow scope in order to collect data about the wants and needs of foreign customers. This can save you a lot of money if the product isn’t as successful as imagined.

4. Translations can make or break your offer

Even if you follow steps 1-3 perfectly and your offer is well-thought-out and researched, you will fail in foreign markets if your text is poorly translated. Low-quality translations could include anything from cultural insensitivity such as faux pas in addressing customers to failure to consider differences in clothing measurements or currency. These types of mistakes will reflect badly on your business. Customers abroad may wonder how a professional and globally-inclined business could be so sloppy and careless. It is worthwhile to pay for the services of a professional translation company to provide you with something more than a cookie cutter translation.

5. Stay active

A large part of your success on Amazon will result from how active and informed you are. You must always have a good sense of the market—what’s trending, what’s not, and what customers are saying about products. Play around with the text of your offers by changing the titles and product descriptions. Test what type of language seems to be alluring. Remain open to feedback and stay on top of responding to customers. Customer feedback may help you determine that it’s time to start translating your offers and expand your reach globally.

Amazon and its many markets open up a world of opportunities for you and your business and we want you to think bigger than ever before. There is so much to gain from selling your products and services on a global scale. While this idea may seem daunting or like something you never thought you could do, let us be the first to tell you, you can!  All you need is a global strategy that includes the five tips listed above and a good relationship with a trusted translation company like lingy and you’ll be ready to take off!