Creating Multilingual Websites with a Website Builder

Your business is going well, better than you anticipated even, and now you want to take it to the next level. Web design has never been your thing so you put off creating a website. You do other research instead. You read up on multilingual social media accounts. You watch and analyze the market. Eventually you feel bold, like it is finally time to go global and you’re ready to hire a professional translator to translate your blog posts into dozens of languages in order to reach clients across the world. Slow down for a second. Don’t hire that translator quite yet. You will need to return to that thing you set aside. You will need to start with a well designed website for your business, a platform where your potential customers can view your products or services and interact with you and your staff. But you already know you’re not a web designer. You don’t know where to begin. Do you hire a professional or go at it alone using a website builder? If you choose a website builder, how can you be sure to select the perfect fit? It may seem overwhelming, but don’t worry, creating a customized website for your business isn’t as complicated as it sounds and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Should you pay for a professional developer or buy a web builder?

Hiring a website developer is always an option for those who can afford it. Be warned though, even the least expensive site will run you about $2,000 and this won’t get you all of the bells and whistles. We are talking about a fairly rudimentary service with reduced unilingual functionality. Not to mention, the price tag will increase every time you wish to update or change your site as this will require hiring another developer. Over time, this option can be very costly.

On the other hand, for a small monthly fee, you can subscribe to some of the best website builders available. All of the bells and whistles you couldn’t afford before will be at your fingertips. These website builders include every feature you could ever want.

Who uses web builders?

A website builder is the perfect option for those who have just started to get their business off the ground and don’t have significant funds yet. Many artists like photographers and musicians utilize website builders. Often, small business owners will opt for creating rather than hiring as well. So if you choose this option, know you’re in good company.

Builders to help you create your perfect website

1. Wix Website Builder

If you are new to website builders and feel intimidated, Wix will quickly become your new best friend. Wix is a great introductory website builder because it is extremely customizable and user-friendly. You can choose from over 500 different templates which you can play with and mold to fit your business. You can make changes easily with the click of a button.

Wix Subscriptions start at $10.00 a month.

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2. Site123

Site123 is another great option for those creative individuals who are looking for something more than the traditional model. While Site123 only offers 13 layouts to choose from, you can take advantage of an abundance of tools and features to tailor a website perfect for your businesses. Like Wix, Site123 is extremely easy to use, even for first time web builders. Changes can be made effortlessly by dragging and dropping. Unlike Wix and many other web builders, Site123 allows you to create multiple websites under one account which may prove very useful as your businesses grow.

Subscriptions start at $9.98 for this web builder. You can even lower the price to $5.88 a month with the forty percent new user discount.

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3. SiteBuilder

If you are looking for options, SiteBuilder is the right platform for you. With over 1,200 different templates, the only problem with this option is its sheer size. Users will be faced with the task of sifting through hundreds of templates to find “the one”. SiteBuilder offers you the latest templates which are stylistically more modern than the other platforms. All of the tools you need to create the perfect website for your business will appear when you click on the page elements. If you get stuck or need assistance, both the technical support and Live Chat features are superb.

If SiteBuilder sounds right for you, you’re in luck! The cheapest package is on sale now. For only $3.84 a month you can open up a world of possibilities for your business’s website. has all the information you’ll need to get started.