Discover the 14 tools you will need at a multilingual company

Do you manage a company and provide services to customers globally? Perhaps you manage a multilingual team that works in offices located all over the world? Using modern technologies, you will significantly simplify your daily work. Discover the list of tools you will need.

Technology-driven translations

Slack – application for communication

Do you manage a multilingual team that is located in different places around the world? The real challenge here is to ensure comprehensible communication between different departments. Think about transferring the flow of inner information to Slack. It is an application that will simplify communication among employees.

Application for computer and smartphone

The tool itself is available for use from different levels. You can download it to both your computer and smartphone. It is also possible to use a cloud or install the messenger on your own server.

Thanks to notifications, your employees will be updated on all company-related matters. Moreover, Slack makes it possible to create channels so you can organise and assign employees to the appropriate rooms.

For example, the sales department will have their own channel that you can call “Sales” or the marketing department will have a “Marketing” channel, while everyone can communicate through the collective channel “General” or “Messages” channel. This is one of the best ways to organise your business communication processes.

What are the possible Slack integration features?

As an application, you can also integrate Slack with other tools. For example with Google Drive, which will allow you to organize your document workflow. By using the integration with the “Translate” add-on, all sent messages will be automatically translated into another language. This will enable communication even between employees who do not know a foreign language.

Rocket.Chat as an alternative to Slack

This Slack alternative has very similar possibilities. Rocket.Chat is a messenger also available through a web browser and a computer or mobile application. In Rocket.Chat you can also create separate channels. The design of this tool is similar to the design of Slack’s interface.

How do I translate calls on Rocket.Chat?

Similarly to Slack, Rocket.Chat can also be integrated with a machine translation module. In this case, it is possible with the help of Google Translate. All you need to do is use the Google API key and configure the feature in the tool.

Rocket.Chat developers have prepared detailed documentation on this topic >>>

Zoom – Video calling tool

While both Rocket.Chat and Slack offer video calling capabilities, there are programs designed solely for this type of communication. Zoom is one of them and its key advantage over similar solutions is the possibility of simultaneous translation of conversations.

How enable the Translator window in Zoom?

How to activate translations in Zoom? Just log in to your account, go to Settings and select “Translations”. By default, 9 languages ​​will appear. You can increase their number by pressing the “+” icon. All you have to do now is add a Translator to the online meeting.

On the Zoom page, you’ll see exactly how to configure it >>>

Social Media Management in Multiple Languages

Managing a multilingual company is more than just simplifying communication processes. It also involve activities in many languages ​​in the broadly-defined Social Media. Managing such activities manually takes a lot of time. Fortunately, there are tools that will help you automate some of these processes.

Chatfuel – multilingual chatbot

Chatfuel is one of the available tools that will help you automate your activity in Social Media. Thanks to this tool, you can easily create your chatbot. After appropriate configuration, each user of Facebook for instance, who reacts or comments on your post, will automatically receive a message from your Facebook page. This is a great way to build relationships and increase engagement in your activities on social networks.

ManyChat is an alternative to Chatfuel.

NapoleonCat – comprehensive automation of Social Media

Multilingual activity on Social Media usually involves management of several accounts. In terms of localization of activities, for example, three Facebook pages will work best one for each language you regularly use. Managing as many profiles is time-consuming. And even if you spend a lot of it on Social Media, your response time will not always allow you to build relationships with users.

There are tools that you can use to meet these challenges. One of them is the award-winning NapoleonCat. There are quite a few features that will make your life easier when using this tool such as automation of post adding, moderating comments under ads or advanced analytics of all your activity.

HootSuite is NapoleonCat’s competitor.

Multilingual monitoring of Social Media – Brand24

Managing your activity is one thing. It is also worth knowing what your customers are saying about your company. If you operate in several different countries, such monitoring activities should be carried out in several languages. This option is offered by Brand24, provided that an account is created on the domain.

What’s more, Brand24 offers more than just Facebook monitoring. With this tool, you can also track mentions in other parts of the Internet. The package also includes a number of analytical indicators, such as measurement of sentiment, intensity of discussions or influence score. An interesting fact is that Brand24 can be integrated with Slack, and you can also monitor the use of hashtags separately.

Tools such as Unamo or Brandwatch are an alternative to Brand24.

How to improve customer service in multiple languages? Choose Freshdesk.

It’s not just managing your Social Media activity that takes time. Your team has to spend as much time, if not more, on day-to-day customer support. Especially when you allow the option of communicating with the company through many different channels.

You can improve these processes using dedicated software solutions. Freshdesk is one of such solutions. It is a software that receives all the requests that customers send by e-mail, via the website or other channels. Such submissions take the form of tickets.

Each ticket is assigned to a specific employee. This solution makes it possible to manage communication with the customer in a very transparent way. You can check how your team is dealing with handling complaints, etc.

How to manage a company based on data?

Communication service and automation is not all. As a company owner, you are probably well aware of the strategic importance of customer data. You can collect such data in different ways. Basic information on user behaviour on your website can be found in Google Analytics and Hotjar (alternatively Yandex Metrika).

What are some of the useful features of Google Analytics?

If you want to use the maximum potential of Google Analytics in a multilingual company, you need to properly configure this tool. First of all, pay attention to:

● channel configuration,      

● creating your own attribution model,      

● creating user segments,      

● configuration of the e-commerce module,      

● configuration of goals,      

● configuration of custom audience reports.     

These are just some of the essentials that you should focus on. Nevertheless, the correct configuration of these features will provide you with precise information about your customers. You will learn what percentage of users convert, where they leave the page most often, and what features are characteristic for people who actually make purchases. As a result, you will receive information on the basis of which you will improve your website and adapt it to your own business strategy.

How to analyse user behaviour on a website?

The data from Google Analytics contains pure statistics. It is worth supplementing them with heat maps, information about clicks or even recordings of entire user sessions. You will achieve this with Hotjar or alternatively, wth Yandex Metrika. Thanks to these two tools, you will get very detailed information about how the users behave when browsing your website.

Technology goes hand in hand with translations

The above-mentioned tools will make it easier for you to manage a multilingual company. To communicate effectively with foreign customers, you will still need good translations. Best of all, translations with localization. At, we can support your business. We will help you configure tools that automate translations, e.g. the WPML plugin, enable simultaneous translation in ZOOM or set up other tools. – translation with technological support