How can you increase visibility of your company website in Google search and acquire customers due to the above?

Today, the Internet is a medium present everywhere, which enables to contact your family and friends, and also to manage a company that can generate high profit thanks to online activities. Thanks to the possibilities offered by the Internet, easy access to it anywhere and the different methods for contacting someone wherever they are, you can develop a well-prospering business. How to do that?

Each well-developed company has its permanent customers but also still looks for new ones to offer its products or services to. When your company has been on the market for years, customers will recommend your services but for young companies, it will be a challenge to source customers. The biggest problem is the attempt to build a brand that will arise interest and also to catch up on the work that was already performed by your competition.

In this article, we will focus on acquiring leads through Google search. We will show you how people look for companies or particular products and services using the huge potential of this most popular search engine in the world.

How do customers look for companies, products and services?

Already at the beginning, we mentioned that customers want to find your business in Google search. Why? A search engine is the simplest form of finding anything online. Currently, most search engines (if not all of them) feature a search built-into the address bar. Users don’t have to enter a URL address (including the URL of the search engine) to find particular information they are looking for. Enter a phrase in the address bar of your browser, e.g. men’s sports shoes, and see where the browser will redirect you.

Keywords that you should use to be visible

Did you ever put yourself in the position of your customer? How would they describe the type of your business? Does your customer know what products or services you offer? Do they know that you offer your services to customers from the entire country or just locally? Based on the above answers to the key questions, you can determine the words that will describe your company best and on this basis, you can prepare a list of keywords that people can type in Google search to find your company.For instance, if your company is located in the London, GB and offers catering services you can enter the following keywords:

  • Catering London;
  • Fit catering London;
  • Healthy catering London etc.

Defining the phrases that you want to be visible to on the Internet is the key thing for the search engine when it comes to preparing a website that will have to include all the listed words in the content of the website. If you’d like to learn about the phrases that are entered by users and relate to your business, use the following applications for this purpose:

Content is king

Thanks to preparing a system of keywords, you will also be able to prepare content for your website that describes the type of your business, your experience, achievements and certificates, employees (including, for instance, chefs), type of products and services that you offer (in this case, you can describe the ingredients used for preparing meals in your menu, served to your customers), and also describe the location where your business is managed or where your products are supplied (in this case, enter names of cities or regions where your catering services are provided).

If you run out of ideas for content, you can still develop your website in a great way through a blog available within the website. An online blog managed on a company website will make it possible to write a tutorial that will contribute to building trust to your brand among potential customers. When you publish various articles regarding your activity, you will also impact the awareness among users relating to your company.

So you’re not a natural-born writer

That’s not a problem! Find a specialist who will write articles for you.  

Take advantage of the potential of Google search and find an appropriate copywriting company.  🙂

Monitoring results of your work

To find out whether your work on a website brings the desired results, you have to monitor it on an on-going basis. The first key tool for analysing the flow of website visits is Google Analytics ( This is an online application that will collect information about users accessing the website daily, saving such information as: source of visits, number of visits, time spent on the website, user location and operating system, browser as well as the device used for browsing (computer, tablet, smartphone).


A well-prepared company website will help you find new customers who will place an order, leave their email address to receive an offer or contact you through the telephone number you provide on the website.

Keep in mind that you should also make sure that the website meets your customers’ expectations: it should contain possibly the most accurate description of your products or services, their prices, materials used for production, address of the headquarters, email addresses and telephone numbers that will help them contact you.

Don’t forget about professional customer service. Attracting users to your website is only a part of the sales process that should be simplified to the maximum possible extent, whether you manage a well-developed business or a small company that is just taking its first steps on the internet. Contact with you should not be complicated, while responses to questions should convince the customer to place an order for a product or service. Be sure that your customer feels professionally-served so that they will be happy to return to your company.