How do you maximize sales as an online seller on eBay?

When people think of online shopping, they think of eBay and it’s no wonder they do. eBay has over 160 million active customers throughout the world and is the place to go for people looking to buy or sell new and used items. With that being said, not all sellers utilize the tools at their disposal to increase sales. If you want to increase your online sales, you need to be intentional with your offers. Follow these steps and you will become a smarter eBay seller.

Create a trustworthy online identity

Choose your username wisely. A username in a virtual space helps create an identity. Your identity should feel professional and credible and thus your username should be appropriate, original(not one suggested by eBay), and not too complex. Choosing a good username will set you off on the right foot with potential customers. Boost your virtual identity by becoming a positive and active member of the eBay community. Buy items(you actually need) from other sellers. Afterwards, write a nice review and the seller will do the same for you as the buyer. These reviews will be visible to your own prospective customers in the future and assure them of your character. The more positive reviews you have, the more customers will feel comfortable trusting you.

Product description matters

Simplify the buyer’s job with better product description. The potential buyer must understand clearly and immediately what you are trying to sell. You can achieve this firstly through a good quality photo and secondly through a succinct but detailed description of the item. It is wise to offer a translation of the item’s description as it will target international customers too. Opt to use professional translation companies such as lingy instead of sites like Google Translate for more professional postings.

Correct categorization is key

Optimize visibility through accurate category assignment. How you categorize your product is important in how it will be presented on the site. Take time to complete this step and select the most fitting category. This way your product will appear when potential buyers use both the eBay search engine and its filters. eBay even allows you to run a test, selecting multiple different categories for your item to see which yields the greatest sales.

Don’t forget the product code

As of this year you must use product codes. It is important to remember to add the product code to your advertisement, allowing for you to correctly assign your product to a category and ensuring added visibility and higher sales.

See what others are up to

A smart way to improve sales is to check out what others are doing well. Visit popular product and completed purchases pages. Analyzing what is selling and why is a smart way to improve your own advertisements. Remember that anyone can sell items on eBay but in order to maximize your sales you should follow the steps above.