How to develop an event agency as a result of expansion of services to foreign markets?

At the event-factory Agency, we have been successfully providing comprehensive and professional solutions in organising events, conferences, congresses, company meetings, promotional campaigns and special events for over 13 years, both in Poland and abroad. We have completed projects at 542 locations in Poland and 11 countries in Europe and Asia. We believe that nothing makes a recipient a more effective product ambassador than their direct participation in an event, as long as it is prepared in an outstanding and creative way. It should refer to emotions and guarantee an unforgettable experience. It should simply be an event that people want to talk about.

How did you come up with the idea for such services? How did the company start?

We have been active on the market of events for over 20 years. Throughout that period, we managed productions of the Krakow Festival Office (Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe), where we were responsible for carrying out the largest mass events in Poland and abroad. We have also been successful with the most recognised festival brands in Krakow, meetings of diplomats at the highest level as well as participation in the Worth Youth Day, which was attended by over 3 million pilgrims from nearly 200 countries. Such experiences were the reason why the event-factory brand we established, was in possession of exceptional know-how from the very beginning, regarding management of large festival productions and production budgets, television co-productions and organising large-scale mass events. Such know-how is not available to most agencies. We have been transferring this knowledge, skills and solutions for years also with regard to corporate and company events.

How are your services developed to become international?

Polish event agencies are portrayed globally as creative, solid and trustworthy, which combined with competitive rates, puts us among leaders of this type of services internationally. This is a huge opportunity and a challenge for us.

We have been involved in several negotiations with business partners operating abroad and we cooperate with foreign suppliers. We are also a member of MPI, which is a global community focused around the industry of meetings, enabling effective flow of knowledge and sharing experiences of similar companies from all over the world.

What are the challenges related to providing services to customers in foreign languages?

Expansion onto global markets requires professionalism in carrying out events as well as an in-depth analysis of the specifics of a given country and learning its needs. Everything starts with communication. It affects the first impression and is often decisive when it comes to further cooperation. We focus specifically on the highest level of communication and professional translations help with that.

Do you plan foreign expansion? If so, what languages do you take into account and why?

Foreign expansion is an integral part of our agency’s development. Expanding the network of contacts and gaining new experiences on markets that were unavailable to us until recently, helps us build a global trustworthy brand, regardless of the country where we execute our projects. Event marketing has been appreciated more and more every year. The case is similar abroad. We have completed a number of projects in Western Europe and we are also expanding our services to countries in Central and Eastern Europe. In the future, we would also want to be present in the Far East.

Tell us a few tips for young companies wishing to take over the world. 🙂

Today, international expansion is a must-have in strategies of dynamic companies. In times of global competition, it is an integral part of success. It is important to be aware of your values and be certain of what you do. Polish companies stand out among other European companies with their professionalism and supply solutions at a global level successfully. This opportunity and possibility has to be converted into action effectively.

Interview with founders of the event-factory Agency.

Konrad Koper

Over 20 years of experience in the event industry. He gained it while working for such companies as: MAR Galicja and Krakow Festival Office. Producer of the biggest cultural events in Poland, specialising in organisation of mass events. One of the founders of event-factory, where he is responsible for the Creative & Client Services Division.

Sebastian Godula

Experienced producer and event manager. He has been operating in the industry for 20 years, when he has been responsible for carrying out over 500 events in Poland and abroad, including over 100 mass events. Previously, he worked for MAR Galicja, Oknoplast and Krakow Festival Office. One of the founders of event-factory, where he is responsible for Operations & Event Management.

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