How to find a job that makes it possible to work remotely? What industries offer such work?

Have you thought about working from home? If you value independence and are perfectly organised, it is the perfect solution for you. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that it is not possible in all industries and not every profession is suitable for it. Especially when your job is to manage a specific team or to perform activities that require contact with superiors and colleagues. How to find a remote job? Which industries offer such opportunities?

Looking for a remote job as a translator?

Where to look for remote work?

The key question is: how to find a remote job? As you have probably figured out, you will find quite a lot of such offers on the Internet. Employers place them both on popular classifieds websites and on in the career section of their own websites. Sometimes you will also find these types of offers on the websites of regional labour offices, but the advertisements there are largely targeted at craftsmen and other specific professions.


Particular attention should be paid primarily to the most popular ad websites in Poland. This is mainly because employers also use them as willingly as job candidates. What are some sites with job ads? One of the most popular ones include or You can also find many offers on and on

The less known job offering website is, on which job ads dedicated to the marketing and sales industry professionals are published. If you are interested in working in this occupation, then you should definitely check out this site during your job hunt. This is primarily due to the fact that the employers publishing there are looking for specialised employees. In addition, the site itself has been designed for people who are looking for remote work. Here, when you browse the list of added offers, you will know if a given company is looking for someone to hire on a remote work basis or whether it prefers a full-time employee.


When looking for remote work, it’s worth searching through even less obvious places. What   we have in mind in particular are websites that are intended to operate as a marketplace, but employers are also looking for people for permanent cooperation there. On the Polish market, the most notable services of this type are, and International sites worth taking a closer look at include,,, or

Although individual orders are usually posted there, sometimes regular cooperation offers can also be found. It is important to note that on, for instance, you can settle accounts with clients via the site, which is possible with the option of invoicing through their interface. Due to the above, you do not have to enter into any contracts with the customer/employer, or set up your own business.

Which industries offer remote work?

Another issue is to find out which occupations are available to work remotely. There are at least a few, but they all have a common denominator. Namely, employers usually look for specialists in a given area this way. In addition, work of this nature is often not associated with direct team management, so daily presence in the office is not a prerequisite. However, everything depends on a given job type, and it often varies whether you are required to come to the office at all.


One such case, which does not require daily presence in the office, is remote work for a translator. In this case, the employer will require you to achieve certain results in the form of fulfilling the assigned tasks. However, regardless of whether it is written translation, interpretation or sworn (certified) translation, you will have a deadline appointed to fulfil your obligation each time, and you will be remunerated for it. The effectiveness of your work will also be measured by the correctness of the translation services provided.


The situation is similar when performing remote work as a copywriter. Here, too, you only deal with text, although due to the different nature of the written publications, the employer may expect you to appear in the office from time to time. Ultimately, a copywriter is responsible for creating written communication with other company employees as well as with the entire external environment. Hence the need to learn the specifics of a given company when you cooperated with it on a permanent basis.

Such a requirement can usually only arise when you work as a full-time copywriter. However, when you decide to provide services for several companies as a freelancer, you will rarely have to come to the office. The disadvantage of this solution is the fact that you will still have to look for new orders. What about the advantages? Full independence from one source of income. It is also worth emphasising the fact that when you can speak a foreign language you can accept projects ordered by companies operating in other countries. As a result, you can, for instance, receive remuneration in euros and spend the earned money in Poland.


The daily tasks of an online proofreader look a bit different. By definition, it is someone who makes adjustments in texts that were translated as well as in documents provided by a copywriter. The goal is to ensure the greatest possible linguistic correctness of the text so that it can be published. Although it is a job that requires enormous language skills, it has a lot of advantages. First of all, you don’t have to appear in the office, because you only perform specific tasks, i.e. you proofread and adjust text or translation. The disadvantages definitely include the fact that you will find relatively few jobs of this type.


Similarly to working with text, also working with graphics does not require daily arrival at the office. As a graphic designer, you carry out specific activities, and when it comes to conceptual issues or an outline of visualisation, you can consult your employer or customer using video conferencing tools. It looks a bit different if you work for an online shop and because of this you will want to or need to combine the tasks of a photographer with the creation of computer graphics. In such cases, you will take photos of specific products on the one hand, and process them on the other to make them suitable for publication on the Internet.

There are, of course, many more areas of graphic design activity. Ultimately, you can be responsible for creating graphics for the needs of social media, e-commerce, creating mock-ups or being responsible for the visualisation, layout and colour scheme of websites. There are also full-time job offers, and in this case, most often, such employees are sought by advertising agencies, printing houses, commercial networks, as well as real estate offices, and many more. In the case of real estate, there is a possibility of combining remote work with full-time work, but the employer may expect you to come to the company office from time to time.


You can also look for remote work as a programmer, web developer, specialist in HTML, CSS, Python or PHP, as a UX designer and in many other IT-related professions. In most of these cases, you don’t need to know the specifics of a particular company. The effectiveness of such employees’ work is measured by the results they achieve. Timeliness and regularity are equally as important. However, as a remote employee performing IT tasks, you will have to display outstanding communication skills, which is not always required when employed in a physical office.

How to find a remote job?

There are several other professions in which you can work remotely. First of all, this applies to people specialising in content marketing, configuration and coordination of campaigns in Google Ads or communication in Social Media. Sometimes you can also find such offers for traders and sales representatives. Regardless of the nature you want to work in, it is worth looking for remote jobs that you can find both on specialised websites and in marketplaces.

Looking for a remote job as a translator?