Livechat on a website – the top 5 solutions

Shortening the response time to customer queries is a more and more important aspect of customer service. You can lose potential customers if they wait for a response too long or if your competition is faster. Users are impatient and want to receive information here and now. Livechat on a website is one of the methods of communication that makes it possible to talk in real time. What solution should you choose for a multilingual company?

Why would you need a livechat on your website?

One of the reasons for using livechat is significant reduction of the time of response to queries. Additionally, you offer more channels for contacting your company giving people the possibility of talking to you in real time, which is specifically important in times of all the online messengers being so popular. There are other benefits of this solution.

First of all, when your customer exchanges messages with you (or someone from your sales department), they will not have to leave the website. The offer will be displayed to them the entire time, increasing the chance of selling. The majority of livechats have the possibility of configuring the appearance so when the holidays are near, for instance, you can change the design to Christmas colours.

How does livechat affect sales?

It is worth noting some statistics here regarding the readiness of buying your product or service depending on the time of response. The numbers say it all: approx. 64% of private customers and as many as 80% of B2B customers expect a real-time response. It also turns out that implementing a livechat on your website can help you in acquiring even as much as 30% more customers. What solution should you choose if you manage a company with a multilingual website?

Tidio – livechat in multiple languages

Tidio is one of such solutions that are worth recommending. It features the possibility of creating multiple language versions of the chat that are displayed in the browser when a user views your site. With small traffic you can use a free licence that provides the possibility of adding 3 operators and numerous integrations with external platforms. You will also have access into who is currently browsing your site, and will also be able to send information to such people from the Tidio panel.

It’s important to note that you can configure the requirement of entering an email address with each conversation started. Thanks to integration with MailChimp, etc., the address will be automatically added to the database which will enable newsletter mailing to the acquired contacts. Tidio also features integration with HubSpot, WordPress, Wix, Zendesk, Salesforce and many other platforms. Hence, you can simplify the management of your company without having to exchange data between different tools.

Intercom – multilingual solution for your website

Intercom is another interesting solution. It also offers the possibility of creating multilingual messages that can be adjusted to the language of the user browsing your site. But it’s not a free solution. Intercom comes in different plans and the actual cost depends on the features you want to use. You don’t have to choose one of the available plans. You can send your request to the support and choose a plan that will suit your needs best.

It is worth noting that Intercom has the possibility of integration with numerous applications and platforms. This applies to Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, Jira, GitHub, Shipfy and many more. The possibility of integration with many different tools makes Intercom a complete solution that will help you acquire more customers than ever before.

Czater – livechat for a website with numerous possibilities.

Several livechat language versions can also be created thanks to Czater. This solution also offers different possibilities such as creating a customer contact list and mailings. The possibility of posting a special form on the website from which messages will be sent to the user panel, is also an interesting feature. Due to the above, the person handling the livechat will be able to access the entire chat history with a customer – from telephone calls to exchanged emails. There is also the possibility of launching callback (the customer specifies their phone number and you can contact them), automated translation of chat and using a simple CRM system.

Some of the above features are available within a free plan. If they are not sufficient, you can purchase a higher plan. Czater is available in three options: for PLN 15.99 per month, PLN 39.99 per month and for PLN 159.99 per month. It’s also possible to configure your own plan so that you will pay only for the features you actually need. All this makes Czater a very flexible solution that can be used by companies, also those who communicate with their customers in different languages.

Multilingual Zendesk livechat

Zendesk livechat offers interesting solutions. This product has a very advanced analytical model that supplies clear statistics regarding the communication with customers. It’s worth noting that the livechat can be downloaded as a computer of smartphone app so that you can always respond to customer queries quickly. This solution is offered for free or in premium plans for $14 per month, $29 per month or $59 per month.

It should also be noted that Zendesk offers more than just a livechat. The offer also includes comprehensive solutions for improving your support department as well as tools for creating tutorials and guides. You can also create an entire Call Center from scratch using Zendesk. Zendesk also offers a simple CRM system that will help you in achieving sales goals in a measurable way.

Smartsupp – a free livechat for websites

The offer of Smartsupp is also worth noting. This chat offers the most in the free plan. First of all, you will obtain access to a simple CRM completely for free. This is normally a premium feature in the other solutions. You will also have the possibility of connecting 3 consultants and using Smartsupp on as many pages as you wish. There are some limitations. In the free plan, you will not be able to create several language versions of the livechat.

The above possibilities are available when you choose one of the higher plans: the Standard plan for PLN 40 per month or Pro plan for PLN 75 per month. After you purchase one of the premium plans, you will have the possibility of configuring free responses, access detailed information regarding people visiting your website and even block users if you suspect they represent the competition. Smartsupp also provides numerous features that will simplify your communication with the customers.

A livechat on a website means that you will acquire more customers

Regardless of the solution you choose, keep one thing in mind: livechat on a website will significantly improve communication and shorten response time. This is one of the important elements that can make you stand out among competition. In times of dynamic development of internet messengers, customers are used to receiving quick replies and chatting in real time. Practice (and research) has shown that companies that decided to implement a livechat gain even 30% more customers. It’s worth following this trend, especially having in mind the desire to create a competitive advantage. The solutions described above will help you with that.

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