Tips for Managing your Multilingual Instagram account correctly

Instagram Marketing Strategy

Today Instagram is the most popular social media platform that exists and people of all ages and backgrounds are trying to optimize their usage of it. Everyday users aspire to be influencers while brands explore the enormous range of opportunities Instagram offers in social media marketing. Instagram is a multifaceted digital platform. However, many users only scratch the surface of its potential. They concentrating solely on videos and photos and forgetting elements, such as text content, stories, and biographies. Those elements connect Instagram to the internet and the larger world around us. Of course, the text is inherently linked with language and language is a powerful tool in breaking barriers to reach target users. Here are several tips to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in managing a multilingual Instagram profile.

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Know your followers

Like any well-thought-out social media marketing strategy, you must first analyze your present situation, before you can plan for the future. This means conducting light research on your current international followers and their locations. You can do this easily by logging into Instagram and finding the Analytics section. There you can view certain demographics of your followers, including location. If you do not have an active Instagram, take a few minutes now to get one up and running!

Multilingual Instagram

Creating and maintaining a multilingual profile is more difficult with Instagram than other social media platforms such as Facebook because you are unable to offer specific language versions to your international users. There is no “see translation” on Instagram nor multilingual Instagram posts unless you display both languages that you write your post in. Here we offer you two alternative solutions:

  • Use one account and write your text in two languages
  • Create specific accounts for each desired user location

While the first option is less time consuming and resource-draining, you will be limited to writing shorter texts and only targeting two languages such as English and, for example, French. This is because all of the text you write will be repeated in the alternate language. The language of the post will always be the same even after your audience changing their language settings on Instagram. While this option may seem restrictive, you must remember that many internet users are bilingual and by simply offering texts in both Polish and English you will still expand your reach tremendously.

Language-specific Accounts

If time and resources allow, creating language-specific accounts for each desired country is a great option and a tactic employed by larger companies such as Netflix, Samsung, Adidas etc. This will also allow for personalization in advertising campaigns. If your operation is small enough, English and your local language will suffice. Our service –  lingy provides professional Instagram translations so you are able to share translated posts that are error-free unlike translations from such sites as Google Translate. So while this option allows for easy interaction with followers, it also requires more time and energy to operate multiple accounts.

Other Tools for Multilingual Instagram

Our final tip on this matter is for those who wish to manage accounts on multiple social media platforms simultaneously. We recommend Hootsuite, which is a platform that assists you in planning posts and staying on top of responses from all of your accounts. Hootsuite makes things simple by displaying all you need to know on one administrative screen. Fees range from EUR 25.00 to EUR 599.00 a month but can prove worthwhile for multilingual Instagram accounts.

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