Proofreading Made Simple with lingy

You don’t need to be a professional writer to produce professional quality writing. We are happy to introduce lingy proofreading services. Whether your document is intended for marketing, informing, academia, or other personal uses, you will want the writing to be polished, engaging, and errorless. If you’re familiar with lingy’s translation services, you’ll notice our proofreading services aren’t much different and if you’re completely new to lingy, no worries! Submitting an order is simple and quick. In just three minutes you can place an order to have your work professionally proofread in English or French.

How to use lingy proofreading services

Whether you have a few spare moments early in the morning, the middle of the day, or late at night, lingy allows you to order proofreading services at any time of day. While this around-the-clock service doesn’t differ from our translation services, the process time does. How about we cut the process time in half for you? We proofread one page per hour and a half with lower costs than translating services.

lingy’s proofreading site is easy to navigate and designed to do all of the work for you. You will know the costs up front as the website automatically calculates the price according to the number of characters in your order. Next, pick the language for the service. lingy offers proofreading in French and British or American English. Now it’s time to confirm your email address and add any comments you think the proofreaders should know while working on your order. If style or any other aspect of the text needs special attention, here is the place to let us know so we can provide a product that is both high quality and personalized for you.

You will then have the option between proofreading or editing and it is important to understand what both services entail. Proofreading services deal only with correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, typos and errors in style. Editing, on the other hand, involves more of the document’s language such as correcting errors in logic, syntax, style and lexicon. Whether you need proofreading or editing services, remember it is helpful to provide the proofreaders with comments detailing your vision for the final product.

We pride ourselves on the fact that the proofreader working on your order will always be a native speaker of that language. With that being said, please remember to write all comments about the text in the language of the text to ensure a speedy process time. Every proofreader on the lingy team has an extensive background in this field and will return a professional product in a short time.

Choose “order summary” to see an overview of your order and check that all of the information is correct. Next you will be prompted to choose a payment method such as PayPal, online transfer or card. Once your payment has been accepted we can begin working on your order! A member of our team will claim your project and start making changes.

In a short time, the final product will be returned to you via email. The email will also contain a link to a version of your text which includes the changes visible. Here you can evaluate the proofreader’s work.

Why lingy proofreading?

We noticed a gap in services and we wanted to meet your needs. We found that customers who sought translation services often didn’t want to stop there. These customers wanted the full package. They wanted a polished content that was professional and engaging and great for marketing. Many lingy translation customers were either using the translation form to request proofreading services or ordering proofreading via email and this was inefficient. As a result lingy gathered a group of professional proofreaders to address your needs day or night. Native French and English speakers will work with you to enhance the writing of your blog posts, reports, articles, emails or any other documents to professional quality. So what are you waiting for, lingy is ready for you!

Proofreading services? We will provide it!