Translating a website into a foreign language and effective customer acquisition

If you have problems with acquiring traffic from other countries for your website or you want to increase sales by offering products to new customers from other regions, translation services are a great solution that will attract users from the Google search engine.

Many people speak more than one language, but when they shop they usually prefer their native language. So if you are thinking about creating or expanding your website, one of the key aspects is to offer content in different languages in order to simplify navigation and shopping. A website in several languages is one of the most effective marketing tools for hotels, restaurants, local business and virtually any other business.

Speaking the language of potential customers means more than just publishing content on a website in a certain language. The cultural factor is also important. Hence, the translation service is important not only for preparing reliable content in different languages but also for acting effectively at each stage of the sales process.

Studies have shown that there is a direct association between the language of a website and the volume of sales. The trust level is specifically important for all consumers and anyone who is looking for products or services will want to obtain information in the most accessible way.

Proper selection of languages is important for your website because it depends on the user profile or a goal specified in the business plan. Online translations may be provided so that new website versions are available in English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Arabic, German, Polish and many more. The possibilities are unlimited so you have to define your needs first.

Tip: Translating websites is not solely focused on translating one-to-one but also on understating the region which you want to reach and the culture of your potential customers.

How to obtain the best online translations

If you are thinking about implementing a new language version for your website, you will have to choose a solution that meets your needs best: using your own resources or hiring remote translators. If you want to achieve the best results, both in terms of content quality and SEO results, investing into outsourcing translation services will be the best idea.

Tip: Never use Google Translate for your website because it is really harmful when it comes to search results, despite this tool being better and better with time. The Google algorithm automatically ignores pages that contain text processed by Google Translate.

One of the biggest advantages of a multilingual website is the fact that you can reach a bigger group of recipients in a relatively short period. More content will make your website visible in Google so you can reach more people and thus, more potential customers who browse your website.

Translating texts online is not the only method of reaching customers globally but it is certainly one of the most available and fastest solutions in implementation.

Translation of your website? We will take care of it!