Frequently asked questions and answers about our services.

General information

How long will I wait for a quotation?

We work as fast as business needs to run, so you will get your price in approx. 15 minutes – a perfect time to make some coffee. 😉

How much time will I wait for my translation after I submit an order?

We always aim to deliver your translation as soon as possible. The particular time is determined by the text volume and the type of service. Usually, it takes a translator about 8 hours to translate 6 pages of regular text. In case of complicated, technical or certified orders it may take longer. After submitting your document, you can check the progress every project in your user account.

How much will I pay for my translation or proofreading?

Your price depends on how long your text will be, as we charge for the number of words. The best way to find out is to check your content using our free quotation form.

Can I ask for a very quick translation, if I have very short deadline?

We know that in business every minute counts. That’s why, with our 1000 translators and native speakers, we treat every order as a high priority. And we don’t charge extra for fast service.

How will I know my translation is ready?

You can easily check the status of your projects in your user account. Moreover, you will get an email and an SMS notification when your order is prepared and finished.

How are the payments handled?

The payment for all the translation services take place before the order is started. Just charge your account for the required amount.

How can I receive an invoice for my translations?

The invoice will be generated automatically for every order. You can easily download it in your user account.

Do you translate on weekends and public holidays?

Our translator community works with high flexibility, so you can send an order anytime – we will fulfil it as soon as possible.

Are my payments and data safe?

Of course! We care about your data with compliance with our privacy policy. The payments are also always safe thanks to an online transaction insurance system.

Which documents require a certified translation?

Certification by a sworn translator is required for the following documents: birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, real estate purchase and sale agreements, car documents, power of attorney, lawsuits and court orders, documents and statements for the commercial register, minutes of a general meeting of shareholders, invoices, adoption documents etc.

Do I have to pay for the postage of a certified translation?

No, the postage of the original copy of the certified translations bears no additional charge.

Does the translation include the adjustment to local customs, standards or vocabulary?

Every translation is based on general language standards. Adjustment fits in our proofreading service and its prepared by a native speaker dedicated for your request. If you need to adapt your translation to local requirements, select the proofreading option when ordering a translation and describe your needs in thecomment section.


How long I will be waiting for my proofreading quotation?

After filling out the form and sending your content for quotation, you will get your a response in approx. 15 minutes – a perfect time to make some coffee. 😉

Does proofreading mean better translation?

Proofreading is a text review which checks the grammar for potential errors or allows to adapt texts to the local customs, standards and vocabulary. It does not improve the translation, but may be important for better reception of the material by the final audience.

When is proofreading highly recommended?

Proofreading is most important in business and scientific texts. In the case of business texts, it usually concerns websites, marketing materials, etc. The review of scientific work involves checking the language correctness of the text prepared for publication in international sources. Adjustments and corrections are carried out by native-speaking academic experts in a specific field like medicine, physics etc.