Certified Translation

Due to its specific character and complexity, certified translation is certainly one of the most popular online translation types. This type of translation requires special authorisations so it should be provided by a certified expert.

How does certified translation differ from standard translation?

Looking at the two types of translation in terms of the activity that is performed, in both cases it simply involves translation from one language to another – so you may say that they don’t vary at all. The difference is in the legal aspect. A certified translator is someone, who can certify the work they perform with their name (signature and stamp). This means that such a translator is obliged to accept any possible civil liability if there are any errors in the translation prepared by them. This is crucial when translating important documents, such as court or official letters, or documents from employers. It is also worth mentioning that certified translations are always prepared as hard copies (not electronically). This is another difference between certified translation and standard translation.

We cooperate with many outstanding specialists who are certified translators. In order for the cooperation with us to be more convenient and certified translation services to be provided quickly, we offer certified translation online. All you have to do is submit scanned documents to our office and you will receive a free quotation within 15 minutes. We also offer certified document translation services, such as official document translation, including documents from authorities or courts, and files for personal use. If you are looking for a competent expert who will provide certified document translation, especially certified English translation, you have come to the right place.

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