Editing and proofreading services are a solution designed for companies that offer distribution services on global markets. We will proofread and adjust any content created in a foreign language. We also offer services of proofreading documents, such as invoices, contracts or commercial offers. Proofreading may also apply to content found in your marketing communication channels: our offer includes services of proofreading websites along with articles you post on your company blog. We also offer a service of proofreading apps created for smartphones. Furthermore, our services include professional proofreading. We are flexible and we like challenges so we are ready to accept all types of orders.

Proofreading services online can be ordered by sending a request for quotation by email or through live chat. Please note that the English editing service is provided instantly, due to this language being so popular. Proofreading is also a very important service in terms of scientific content. [Academic proofreading] consists of a native speaker of a given language verifying correctness of academic texts intended for publication in international materials. Proofreading services of academic documents are provided by experts in a given field, e.g. medicine, biochemistry or physics, who are publishers themselves.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you!